Fun is the only word to describe our innovative FlashPoke. It is a fun informal way to say a hi, because FlashPoke is automated by Flash SMS. Unlike normal SMS, Flash SMS will print your message on the screen of the receiver mobile phone, without having to retrieve from the SMS inbox and at the same time, is not auto-saved to your SMS inbox(hence, not taking your valuable inbox space)

To FlashPoke your friends via SMS

Send MPOK nickname to 25333, or

Send MPOK nickname message to 25333

For a clearer view, try it now on your own nickname!

Happy FlashPoke-ing away. Cheers :)

Following MyLife status

Often, you want to catch up with friends and know what they are up to currently but the action of calling and picking up a phone might be a little of hassle. Now with MyLife, you need not to dial your friend numbers and initiate the conversation with an awkward "How do you do?". As simple as ABC, MyLife allows you to be informed of what is happening with your friends life by following their MyLife status. Every each time they update their MyLife status, you will receive sms of their lastest status and tadaa, you know where they are and what they are doing.

To follow a MyLife friend status via SMS:

Send MFOL Nickname to 25333

To stop following a MyLife friend status via SMS:

Send MSTOP Nickname to 25333

MyLife Status

Let your friends know your whereabouts by updating your MyLife status. Share your vacation details, your happening life or even the latest promotion, just a few finger clicks away.

To set your status via SMS:

Send MSTA status to 25333

Alternatively, you can set your status via web by logging in to MyLife Web Portal. The homepage of MyLife Web enable you to set your MyLife status via web.

And make sure to remind your friends to follow your MyLife status too.

Share your life now! Make sure you are registered to MyLife before any transaction.


Hello, how are you my fellow MyLife users?

Now I would like to share some tips regarding MFREN.(ala, MFREN semua orang tau buat)

but but but

do you know that by using MFREN(linking as friend) you can actually manage your privacy in MyLife(kadang-kadang,tak sukala kalau ada orang yang tak kenal MPOK kan, kan?)

This is how it works, by sending

MPON - Online Mode: I am available to receive all SMS
MPOFF- Offline Mode: Don't disturb me(tak de sesiapa pun yang boleh mpok aku *thumbs)

and the ever so intelligent
MPEX - Exclusive Mode: I am only available to my friends(hehehehe, hanya kawan2 yang diMFRENkan boleh mpok aku yay!)

Begitula caranya, anda bukan sahaja mendapat ML Points bila membuat MFREN, sekarang anda boleh set privacy mode ke Exclusive Mode.

How to change Nickname?

A lots of users had been asking about the change of MyLife Nickname. At this moment, there is only ONE way to change your nickname, that is .....

ONLY CHOICE: Buy a new Celcom Simcard!!!!!! Taddaaa, you can register a new nickname now..

Problem solved!