MyLife Quiz

MyLife Daily Quiz is challenging, fun and addictive...This is the way you contribute to your Team, by answering correctly on each quiz. Do not miss any quiz because there are other teams trying to answer to the same quiz too! It is a challenge for your and your team members to practice teamwork, fight and maintain your team position as much as you love your team. Other than that, MyLife Daily Quiz helps you to broaden your knowledge in the many areas such as Football, Entertainment, Science, Maths, History, Geography and etc..Are you ready for the next MyLife Quiz?!?

To participate in MyLife Daily Quiz:

Send MQ to 25333

To answer MyLife Daily Quiz:

Send MQ Answer to 25333

  • 3 quizes perday which starts at 12pm, 4pm and 8pm
  • Each quiz will be running for 3 hours ie. 12pm-3pm
  • User need to join a Team in order to participant in MyLife Daily Quiz (read MTEAM here)
  • 10 ML will be rewarded once you submitted an answer, 50ML if your answer is correct(some quizes might be offering more ML)
  • Correct answer will contribute to the Team weekly score
  • 3 teams with highest score will be rewarded with ML Points at the end of the weekly quiz cycle