Invite friends to MyLife

Why to invite more friends?

1. To gain more MyLife Points, hence more action can be done(eg. Pokes or chat)
2. To broaden your social circle
3. And of course, to share MyLife excellent service with the one you care and at the same time to make an effort to stay updated!

How to invite friend to MyLife.

Situation 1: Invite non MyLife subscriber to be friend

Step 1: Send MFREN MobileNumber to 25333
Step 2: Invitation will be sent to the non MyLife subscriber, once the recipient sucessfully joined as a MyLife subscriber, you will be rewarded +30 MyLife points.

Situation 2: Invite MyLife subscriber to be a friend

Step 1: Send MFREN Nickname to 25333
Step 2: Friend request will be sent to the Nickname, once Nickname accepted the friend request, MyLife points of +5 will be rewarded to both parties.


gracie said...

how to change nickname?

Mylife Admin said...

MyLife nickname cannot be changed at this moment. This is to protect the other users from abuse.

~*~Anin~*~ said...

what if you forgot your nickname??

Iswan Shah said...

Hello Mylife... can you send me more manager keywords? if you can send me the manager keywords, send to this mylife nickname > is4one . . . T.Q. .

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