Following MyLife status

Often, you want to catch up with friends and know what they are up to currently but the action of calling and picking up a phone might be a little of hassle. Now with MyLife, you need not to dial your friend numbers and initiate the conversation with an awkward "How do you do?". As simple as ABC, MyLife allows you to be informed of what is happening with your friends life by following their MyLife status. Every each time they update their MyLife status, you will receive sms of their lastest status and tadaa, you know where they are and what they are doing.

To follow a MyLife friend status via SMS:

Send MFOL Nickname to 25333

To stop following a MyLife friend status via SMS:

Send MSTOP Nickname to 25333


Iswan Shah said...

Hello Mylife... can you send me more manager keywords? if you can send me the manager keywords, send to this mylife nickname > is4one . . . T.Q. .

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