MyLife Chat

First of all, make sure you are subscriber to MyLife. If you aren't yet, click here to register now.

How To Chat in MyLife:

1. Send MCHAT to 25333 to initiate a MyLife chatroom.

2. Wait for confirmation SMS and SMS chat ticket.

3. Send MCHAT Nickname to 25333 to invite your friends to join in your chatroom. Alternatively, you can invite friends by forwarding the chat ticket to your friends through SMS.

4. Upon receiving SMS chat ticket, your friend can join in your chatroom by forwarding it to 25333.

5. Start chatting by sending your message directly to 25333(without any keyword).

6. To invite more friends, send MCHAT Nickname1 Nickname2 Nickname3 to 25333 to invite your friends to join your initiated chatroom.

Below are the keyword you can use during a chat:

MCHAT Nickname : To invite more friends to chat
MLIST : To list all the members of the chat room
MTICKET : To retrieve the chat ticket of your chatroom
MKICK : To kick chatter out of your chat room (only chat initiator can kick chatters)
MHELP: All chat keyword will be listed.
MOUT : To exit from the chatroom(the chat session will be still ongoing)
MCLOSE : To close the chatroom (only chat initiator close chatroom, chat session will be terminated)

Begitula caranya untuk MCHAT, senang jer. Have Fun!


Iswan Shah said...

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