Fun is the only word to describe our innovative FlashPoke. It is a fun informal way to say a hi, because FlashPoke is automated by Flash SMS. Unlike normal SMS, Flash SMS will print your message on the screen of the receiver mobile phone, without having to retrieve from the SMS inbox and at the same time, is not auto-saved to your SMS inbox(hence, not taking your valuable inbox space)

To FlashPoke your friends via SMS

Send MPOK nickname to 25333, or

Send MPOK nickname message to 25333

For a clearer view, try it now on your own nickname!

Happy FlashPoke-ing away. Cheers :)


Iswan Shah said...

Hello Mylife... can you send me more manager keywords? if you can send me the manager keywords, send to this mylife nickname > is4one . . . T.Q. .

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