MyLife Favourite Questions and Answers

Q: How do I subscribe to MyLife?
A: You can easily subscribe to MyLife by sending MREG‹space›nickname to 25333.
Eg. MREG Nikki
After successful subscription, a SMS will be send to you which contains a link to your Web/WAP account and a temporary login password.

Q: What is MyLife website address?
A: MyLife Web Portal is available at

Q: This is my first time to login to Mylife website. What should I do?
A: For the first time login, you will be directed to Name & Password page. Here, you will need to fill in your Full Name and new password. Completion on that will lead you to MyLife homepage.

Q: How much do I need to pay for MyLife service?
A: It is free, for all Celcom’s user. However, it is not a commercial service and trial usage is only permitted for a limited time period subject to strict terms and conditions.

Q: How about other telco(Maxis, Digi and etc)?
A: For this moment, MyLife is only available for Celcom’s user.

Q: Is there any restriction on mobile phone model to use MyLife service?
A: Not really, as long as your mobile phone can send/receive SMS.

Q: I do not have any internet access, can I still use MyLife?
A: Why not? MyLife is a SMS based service. But it is still the best if you can login to our Web Portal or WAP Portal for more feature.

Q: How do I add a new friend?
A: Via SMS-
If you know any of your friends MyLife nickname, send MFREN Nickname to 25333 or Send MFREN MobileNumber to 25333
Via web-
New contact can be added under My Friends-Add Friends
Via wap- New contact can be added under Friends Updates- Add New Friends

Q: I found that MyLife is very interesting. How do I invite my friend to join in the fun?
A: After adding a new contact, a SMS will be sent to request you to invite your non MyLife friend. By replying to that SMS, MyLife will send an invite to your friend mobile phone.

Q: How do I change password?
A: Login password can be change under My Account-Change Password

Q: What is follower?
A: In MyLife, the person that follows your MyLife status is your follower. Every each time you update your MyLife status, the followers will received your updated status via SMS. You can view who are your fellow MyLife status followers from MyLife web/WAP portal.

A: Follow allows you to keeping track of friend status. Every each time your friend update his/her status, a SMS regarding the updated status be sent to your mobile phone.

Q: How do I Follow a friend? How do I want to know my friend current MyLife status?
A: Via SMS- Type MFOL‹space›nickname and send to 25333. Eg. MFOL Nikki
Via Web/WAP- Under My Friends, click your friend name. In your friend’s profile page, click on Follow Friend Name to follow your friend status.

Q: How do I set a Status?
A: Via SMS- Type MSTA‹space›status and send to 25333. Eg. MSTATUS going to KL tonight
Via Web/WAP- On the top of panel, fill in your status and click “Set Status”

Q: I do not want to be updated with my friend status anymore. How can I stop following my friend Mylife Status?
A: Via SMS- Type MSTOP‹space›nickname and send to 25333

Q: How do I set/change my profile photo?
A: Under My Account, click Set Photo Or Under My Account- Edit Profile-Set Photo

Q: What is FlashPoke?
A: FlashPoke is a service to send a flash SMS to your friend. The SMS that was sent as FlashPoke will not be saved to the recipient’s inbox automatically.

Q: How do I use FlashPoke?
A: Send MPOK‹space›nickname‹space›message to 25333 Or send through MyLife web portal under My Services-FlashPoke

Q: Can I send a FlashPoke to a group of friend?
A: Yes. By login in to MyLife website, you can choose to FlashPoke your friends by clicking on the link “Select”. However, there is a limit on the number of maximum recipient.

Q: Can I view who is my Mylife status follower?
A: Yes, your follower’s profile can be view by clicking the follower link under your Mylife status

Q: I would like to moderate my follower. How can I do it?
A: By clicking on the follower link, you can moderate your follower by blocking/ unblocking them from following your status.

Q: Where do my MyLife Points come from?
A: Every transaction you made in MyLife will entitle you (or consume)with Mylife points. Initially, 1050 MyLife Points will be rewarded by subscribing to MyLife(MREG).

Q: How do I check my MyLife Points balance?
A: Send MBAL to 25333. You will receive your remaining balance shortly.

Q: Can I transfer my MyLife user? How?
A: You can transfer MyLife Points by sending MTRAN Amount Nickname to 25333

Q: I want to keep track of the comment of my status. How can I do it?
A: By default, the comment notification off. You can switch it on, under My Account-Settings.

Q: How to comment on other’s user MyLife status?
A: Send MCOM Nickname yourcomment to 25333. The comment will be posted on the target status on our MyLife web portal.

Q: How do I login if I forget my MyLife password?
A: You can simply click on Forget Password from the login page, you will need to answer your security question. Your password will be send to your mobile phone provided the security question is answered correctly.

Q: What is the difference between Public Name and Nickname?
A: Public Name is to assist your friend to recognize you while nickname is a unique name in Mylife so that services in MyLife can be done by using nickname instead of Public Name.

Q: Can Nickname be changed?
A: Nickname cannot be changed. Alternatively, you can purchase a new SIM Card to register a new nickname.

Q: What is the privacy feature of MyLife?
A: There are 3 types of privacy mode for the user in MyLife to manage their privacy.
Online mode- Everyone (including not friends) have the access to FlashPoke you.
Offline mode – None of MyLife have the access to FlashPoke you.
Exclusive mode- Only your MyLife have the access to FlashPoke you.

Q: What is the significance of linking up with someone as a friend, besides earning points?
A: The function of linking up as friends allows you to manage your privacy in MyLife. Refer Question above for more information on our privacy feature.

Q: How to chat in MyLife?
A: Send MCHAT to 25333 to book a chatroom. A chat ticket will be issued to you via SMS. To start chatting forward the chat ticket to 25333. To invite friend to join in you chat, send MCHAT Nickname to 25333. Send MHELP to 25333 to know more keyword related to MCHAT.

Q: What is MCOM?
A: MCOM is a keyword designed specifically for status commenting. It serves as a feedback channel for status owner current status only.

Q: How do I read back MCOM by my followers?
A: To view your status comments, you will need to logon to Mylife Web Portal or Mylife WAP Portal at Alternatively, you can enable comment notification on MyLife Web Portal to receive comments on your mobile phone.

Q: I did not receive any MCOM on my mobile phone? What’s wrong?
A: The default setting for MCOM is off. To enable it, please logon to – Settings to enable your comment notification.

Q: Who can read my comments?
A: Everyone.

Q: How do I avoid being disturbed by random people in MyLife?
A: You can either send MPOFF to 25333 to turn into Offline Mode but doing so might block your friend from getting in touch with you. Or alternatively, you may send MPEX to switch to Exclusive Mode to allow friend to send you SMS.


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