MyLife Chatroom

Do you know that you can communicate with more than 1 MyLife friend by using the MCHAT service. Basically you need to book a chatroom first, by sending MCHAT to 25333. A chat invitation will be sent back to you, indicating a chatroom had been created for you. Now, you can invite MyLife friend to chat by sending MCHAT Nickname to 25333 or send the chat ticket to your friend mobile number(for non-Mylife, they need to do MREG before joining a chatroom)

Why use MCHAT ?

1) You can chat with more than one person
2) The chatroom is yours as long as there is active chat message
3) Chatroom initiator can limit the number of chatting people.
4) You do not need to type any keyword to communicate within a chatroom. Just type your message away and once sent, it will be broadcasted to all chatters.
5) It is SMS based, you only need a phone with SMS function and you are ready for chat. (No GPRS, HTML or 3G phone? No worry)
6) You meet more people, because your friend can invite other people to your room too.

What are you waiting for, MCHAT right away but be warned, it is extremely ADDICTIVE !!! And before you know, you are running out of ML Points. TeeHee!


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